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Premium Inputs

Pellet Hops T-90

In all, today we work with more than 100 varieties from different countries. Our hops are carefully selected and with strict quality control so your beer meets the most demanding palates.

Whole Leaf

In addition to the traditional t-90 pellet, we also have in our portfolio the aromatic whole leaf. Always relying on the premium quality that only Eureka offers.

Hops Extract

Highly concentrated and with high alpha-acid, hop extract is an option to optimize its production and facilitate storage.

Filtering Ground

The Filtering Ground is an aid to filter and clarify your beer without changing the aroma and taste.


With our selected top quality malts, you'll find the perfect malt for your recipe. Our malts come from Chile and Argentina, one of the largest suppliers in the world and one of the few Heineken beer certificates. Get to know!

Lupulin powder

A novelty that has been gaining prominence among brewers masters throughout the country is the lupulin powder, for its unique characteristics with even more evident aromas.


At Eureka you also find varieties of beer yeast. Check with your representative.


Our potfolio holds even more products all provided by AEB.

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