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Eureka Brewery Supplies

A Good Input Changes Everything
The Best Inputs in the Market

Our hops are imported directly from producer and cooperative hops farms in the USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand.


The products are packaged in aluminized packages in a nitrogen-modified atmosphere in order to maintain the original aroma, essential oils and flavor characteristics so you can produce your premium quality beer that it deserves! The aluminized packages are of high quality, of the type "Stand-Up" and with "Zip-Lock".

Eureka  has the unique proposal to bring to the brewers the best inputs for the production of this masterpiece that every brewer has in his formula.

We only work with excellent quality materials, and we always seek to bring the best brewing materials.

If you are a brewer who likes to harmonize the best hops and can not find them, we can help you in this great quest for the best aromas.


It is worth mentioning that the product is cooled to -3ºC in a cold room.



Now you have our newest solution: The Report by QR Code! Just point the camera of your smartphone and do the reading. The report will be in the palm of your hand in a few seconds, without complication and with total credibility!

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